Smart injection moulding, where form follows function.

From concept to product, Cemiplast is committed with you.

Injection moulding with added value

Cemiplast supports you in the development and production of injection-molded thermoplastic products. Our project-oriented approach meets the increasing demands of innovation-focused businesses.

support during the development of your plastic parts and medical devices,

industrialisation support,

production management,

meeting the technical and regulatory requirements (ISO 13485 certification).

The Cemiplast approach

At Cemiplast, considering the entire product life cycle ensures project mastery, technical integration, and implementation tailored to your requirements.
The development of your products takes into account future production volumes, economic imperatives, and regulatory constraints you encounter. We are aware of the challenges and well-versed in the MDR requirements related to the manufacturing of your medical devices.

Know-how and partnerships

In order to be able to stand out from the crowd and offer innovative solutions, Cemiplast has opted to team up with Swiss tertiary institutions and first-class mould-makers.

According to your requirements, we provide the necessary assistance in your product’s key creation stages:

3D design and development of the part,

prototyping (aesthetic and functional),

advice on choosing materials and processes,

qualification of processes, validation of parts,

solutions and advice for the primary packaging,

production, assembly, packing, testing.

Our core business areas are micro-injection moulding, multi-material parts, assembled components and insert moulding. The fields of application range from medical engineering and micro-electronics to publicity material, the functional and aesthetic features of which require custom-made manufacturing.

Injection-molded plastic cups with custom engravings for all your celebrations

Durability for all your occasions

Cemiplast gives you the opportunity to create custom glasses We provide personalized engravings on high-quality Swiss glasses in the colors of your choice to brighten your events.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to bring your ideas to life! Please allow a 3-month lead time from design to tasting.

Swiss Creativity
Your 100% Swiss Cup

Add Color to Your Favorite Cocktails

Our 3-deciliter ‘Swiss Creativity’ cup is now available. A glass in the colors of the country, perfect for your establishment or local events.
Order your cup now, available in four colors.


Cemiplast's skills set shown in optimising the functional design of the future injection parts, finding innovative solutions and implementing an industrial strategy compliant with the regulatory necessities, make the added value of a team which is highly approachable and attentive to our needs. Working with you is a real plus in developing our ideas into the creation of plastic parts for our future medical devices. Thank you to the whole team!

They trust us


Official partner of the Winegrowers’ Festival


300,000 textured injection-moulded plastic glasses, specially designed and produced for the Winegrowers’ Festival,
An exceptional product for an extraordinary event.

Working environment

Cemiplast is ISO 13485 certified, and has clean rooms compliant with ISO 7 requirements, which are able to accommodate injection moulding, assembly, testing and packing processes, and are adaptable to your project requirements.

The company benefits from its location in a specialist high-tech environment, within Technology Park III in Saint-Imier (Bernese Jura, Switzerland).

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